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Lena Horne smiling brightly against an orange background.

Pittsburgh Hollywood History: Lena Horne

  Who was Lena Horne? Lena Horne, famously known for her rendition of the song, Stormy Weather, was a Black Hollywood entertainer who spent a significant part […]

Pittsburgh’s Starring Roles

It’s been established that Pittsburgh has played a significant part in Hollywood since the beginning (read about that here). Beyond nickelodeons and film distribution, the city […]

Pittsburgh: East Coast Hollywood

Long before Hollywood was written in white across the arid façade of Mount Lee in Los Angeles, America’s on-screen entertainment headquarters was on the East Coast.[1] […]

Pittsburgh Movies

Location is also crucial for filming a movie. Pittsburgh has proven to be a great location for cinematographers over the decades. The city and region have […]

The Toughest Pittsburgher – Billy Conn

There have been many tough guys in sports in Pittsburgh. No matter how fierce, none of them can match Billy Conn. Tall and handsome with curly […]

The Steel Curtain

The Steel Curtain is one of the most storied defenses in all of NFL history. Coined by Steelers fans in 1971, the moniker refers to the […]

Pittsburgh Gulf Building

12 Things We Need in Pittsburgh

I’ve been to enough places to know that there are some attractions that other cities have that I think would add to the allure of Pittsburgh, […]

An Omelette at Don’s Diner

Don’s hasn’t stayed in business just because of a great location for walk-ins. They haven’t benefited from being on a busy highway or just off a […]

Mike Fink—The Livin’ Large Legend from Pittsburgh

Before there were hard-partying Hollywood hellions and trash-talking sports stars, there was Mike Fink. He is a larger-than-life legend from Pittsburgh. The fact that this common […]

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